Connecting subject matter experts to students who require accessible, individualized & timely online support services


In today's educational environment, many districts and ancillary programs recognize they can better serve their teachers and students by incorporating technology into their instructional plan. qannection.com leverages technologies that promote greater access to academic support professionals, who assist public schools and students with obtaining their educational goals. With qannection.com, students are always connected to an online community that focuses on providing the right academic support services at the right time.

This is accomplished by providing a highly skilled pool of content experts that utilize a web-based platform allowing 24/7 access across mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. These experts are specifically trained to communicate online with our students to support their needs in a quick, direct, and individualized manner. Ultimately, this means our users can access support services when and where they need them.


Our management team has over 30 years of combined experience in the K-12 services market and have deployed successful educational initiatives in school systems around the country. Our years of experience have allowed us to create a dynamic team that now defines our organizational culture. All qannection.com employees are bound by a passion for providing high-quality online support services for public education and a focus on improving student outcomes to have more opportunities in their future academic and professional endeavors.

These principles also exist within our team of content experts. We deploy a multitude of different technologies that allow us to recruit highly-qualified and passionate candidates from around the country. Once identified, candidates are screened to ensure they meet the qualifications for the support services they will provide. We also perform background checks that reveal any criminal history candidates may not be disclosing. Finally, content experts are taken through extensive training to verify their content knowledge and learn our proven principles for effective online communication. Currently, we have successfully recruited content experts from 22 states around the country.

Together, our team provides highly effective and needed services that:

  • Deliver scalable 1:1 academic support services to school districts
  • Increase student engagement and achievement in core coursework
  • Impact graduation, retention, and college-bound rates by delivering directed and time-appropriate academic support services to students